Zopelar - Egg

Immersed in the inspiring world of hardware composition, vintage synthesizers, drum machines and old cassette multitrack techniques, EGG is a compilation of early works from Brazilian producer, Pedro Zopelar. During a moment of abstention from computers in his production experiments (between 2012-2014), Zopelar began to record 8 track sessions on tape, trying to understand the reality of home recordings in the late 80's and pursuing the unique sound of analog recordings, allowing himself to experiment freely on different genres of music. Selected by Soul Clap, these tracks show many different influences from the artist, who is a self-declared fan of library music, as well as soundtracks of old video games.

We should highlight the track "Hold You (Like The Music)" featuring the singer Serge Erege, who added incredible vocals and lyrics to the instrumental version. With a poppish line and a raw mix that makes you imagine you are listening to some obscure backing tracks from an old hidden tape, EGG shows a very intimate side of the producer, revealing much of his background and clearly presenting his later works as Sphynx (aka Zopelar and Marcio Vermelho) and his own label "In Their Feelings”. It’s a trip to the origins of home recording, rescuing the pure sense of the act of making music.


A2. Akihabara
A3. Rescue
A4. Late Nite
A5. Hold You feat. Serge Erege
B1. Distant Star
B3. The EGG
B4. 808 Break
B5. Good Dream

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