Weekend At Barnie's

I don't know where you are but I miss you. I lost your number, I dont know how to find it. We were together that magical Weekend At Barnie's, then we broke up because I was young and you were stupid.

Maybe I should have been honest, telling you I loved you instead of "playing it cool". Camp played it cool the way he played the keys, the way boy wonder played trumpet thru a wah wah.

By the way C was lonely but now he's found and Bamboozle showed up just in time to polish things off.

Hope this finds you and maybe we will have another chance together at the Great Northern... Just know my love is like the morning, eventually you'll have to brush your teeth.

If anyone reading this knows Murph, please pass this along to him. He lived at 108 Marcy, he hated the Eagles, he owes me $5.

Shmeeny Meany.


A. Weekend At Barnie's
B. Great Northern

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