Nick Monaco - Naked Is My Nature

“Naked Is My Nature feels like my first true artist project. Up until now I didn't really see myself as an artist. I felt like I had to just make dance music. So, all of these songs are me letting loose and seeing what my range as an artist is... as you can see a lot came out. I started singing, collecting sounds, beatboxing, walking, grunting, whatever I could to get a piece of me and my environment inside this music. This is all music I made throughout this year, which has been a really pivotal one for me. These songs document both these new experiences I have been having and this really deep side of me that nobody has really heard before. I hope that Naked Is My Nature helps to restore some innocence and depth back into dance music... Oh! And I hope it makes people smile as much as I do :)” – Nick Monaco


A1. Naked Is My Nature
A2. Party Therapy
A3. My Baby's Back (Dubapella)
A4. Butterfly (EFXapella)
B1. Butterfly (12" Mix)
B2. Opposite Sex
B3. The Animal Inside
B4. The Animal Piano
B5. The Animalapella
B6. The Animal Beat

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