Michael The Lion

Music continues to evolve and lions continue to roar! Thus is the case with Michael The Lion and his first EP on Soul Clap Records. MTL is just one of the successful pseudonyms that have been associated with DJ Apt One. Pittsburgh-reared but Philly-styled, that City of Brotherly Love flavor is resident in nearly all of his work. A “genre-setter” with Nu-disco before it had a name, Michael has consistently delivered quality DANCE MUSIC through his production and DJing for more than a decade.

Great music often pays homage to its foundational past. Michael’s original music accomplishes this with his sample-based focus rooted in a disco-funk-soul core but with a keen sensibility for today’s dance floor. His incorporation of live vocals, like Amy Douglas’ gutsy performance on the modern funk monster “Get It On”, results in original SONGS vs. the “one hour bedroom tracks” that proliferate today. Live instrumentation has also been Michael’s hallmark, differentiating his past hits like “Get More” and “909 and Herb” and on this EP with the hypnotic, “The Changer”. I also love Michael The Lion’s focus on POSITIVITY in MESSAGE, as is evident with the uplifting “Side of Life”.

Whether through his original production, remixing/editing, or DJing, diverse music luminaries like Soul Clap, Jackmaster, Francois K, Gamble and Huff, Todd Edwards and many more all agree and appreciate Michael The Lion’s prowess. On this new EP, you’ll get to find out why too. Roar LION Roar!

- DEL, 5 Magazine


A1. Side of Life
A2. The Changer
B1. Get It On feat. Amy Douglas
B2. Get It On feat. Amy Douglas (Bosq Remix)


Michael The Lion:
Production, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizers, Hand Percussion, Sample Manipulation, Drum Programming, Mix Engineering

Amy Douglas:
Vocals and Lyrics (B1 and B2)

S.F. Posner:
Executive Mix Engineering (A1, A2, and B1) and Shruti Box (A2)

Ben Woods AKA Bosq:
Remix & Arrangement, Programming, Engineering, Piano, Rhodes, Percussion, Drums, Bass, Sax, Trumpet (B2)

Mark Usher:
Guitar (B2)

Mix Engineering (B2) & Mastering (A1, A2, B1 and B2)

DJ Bruce's Feeling Mix and On & On Mix
(Appears on digital verision only):
Remix and Arrangement by Geoffrey Bruce "DJ Bruce" Easley Jr.
Additional Instrumentation by Geoffrey Bruce "DJ Bruce" Easley Jr., Daniel Berg, JKriv, and Sam Posner
Additional mixing and engineering by Sam Posner

Recorded In Philadelphia, Boston, and New York
Cover Art: "St. Jerome's Lion" by Richard Gabriele, pastel on paper.
Photography: Lora Reehling
Graphic Design: Jeff Fry

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